Reflection After Job Shadowing / Future Career MultiMedia Presentations

  1. What I learned from this experience is that I may want to be a manager in the future. It’s something that I will more than likely not want to be. I am looking into being something in the technological field or physical health field. I learned that the pay for a manager at the low end is around $30,ooo and the high end is around $80,000. Certain skills you need is leadership skills, good communication skills, and patience. To obtain this job I will need to get a bachelors degree in management.
  2. I think I did very well on the presentation. I feel as if I had a good amount of eye contact throughout the whole presentation and the information that I presented was good information. I am proud of how well I presented and how comfortable I was. Something I would change for next time to make it more enthusiastic and make it look like I am more interested. Another thing I am proud of is that I remembered all the info that I wanted to present without using anything to help me.
  3. Different techniques I can use is to get someone in the audience involved to make it more interesting. If I got someone in the class involved it would more than likely get the whole class to pay attention to see what I have the participant do. Another technique I can use is I can walk around the class more, act more involved with the class. Something I seen from another presenter is to use a video during my presentation.
  4. Something I could of done differently is to be more enthusiastic. I knew all my info but I could of been more interested in presenting the information I gave to the class of my job shadowing experience. I could of prepared better and looked over my slides more in order to be even more comfortable in presenting when I get in front of the class.
  5. I wish that I would of been more enthusiastic presenting my information. If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t be boring and I wouldn’t just stand in one spot. The easiest part of the presentation process was making the PowerPoint. The hardest part of the presentation process was getting in front of the class and presenting making sure I got all the info I had to say. Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I feel that I did a good job on my presentation and hopefully I got the grade I wished.

Mock Interview Reflection

  • When I was interviewing my classmate and I was the employer I felt like I knew what I was looking for and the kind of person I would want for the job. I felt more prepared from the employing perspective because I knew what questions to ask and I knew the kind of person I wanted for the job, therefore, I felt more prepared.
  • When I was being interviewed by my classmate I felt like I had to better prepare myself because I would never know what questions my classmate would be asking me until I was asked the question. I felt confident because I feel like I was prepared for the interview.
  • My responses were very well put together. Things I would change for next time is that to explain more on experiences and more great qualities I have. Questions I found easy were what kind of person I am and questions I found hard were ones that wanted to know my experiences.
  • Future advice I would give is to be prepared and be confident but do not come off arrogant. Always be prepared for all questions that can be asked.
  • I learned that I should be prepared for the interview and that I should be professional and confident. I should wear very professional clothing that will come off appropriately for the interview. My behavior should be very well rounded before, during, and after the interview so no wrong impressions can be given. Things I should bring to the interview is information about myself I may forget to tell the employer.
  • What I think was good about the activity was that it opens to the students eyes how an interview will roughly go. A way to improve this activity is to not let the students have the questions in hand because during their actual interview the will more than likely not have the questions that will be asked in hand. I do believe that this is a skill you do need because you need to be good at being interviewed so you have the best chance possible of being hired for the job that you are wishing to have. This activity was a great way to show students what you need and how to be prepared in order to have the best chance during your interview to be hired.

Current News

This article talks about a single mom in Baltimore during the riots that are currently going on right now how she rips away a brick from her son and brings home to the ground. She hits him many times and slaps him also a few times. The article also speaks of how the mother was trying to bring her son in a positive direction and lead him away from the violence. A video of the mother bringing her son to the ground and hitting him went very popular and she has been called the mother of the year. Toya Graham the mother of the son brings an important point that is a majority of the time is missing in talks of how to curb violence: Moms have power. The world needs more momma bear types — mothers who could possibly be willing to put themselves in between their child and danger (Drexler 1). This mother is a great example of moms that need to become very cautious and worried of what their children are doing when the father is no longer there. The main point of this article is to show that the world needs more mothers just like Toya to help keep their children out of trouble and danger.

Games That I Liked to Play

GTA  Games that I play are Call of Duty, GTA 5, and many sports games. All these games are a lot of fun to play especially online when playing with friends. I am an athletic person and I love to play sports so I enjoy playing multiple sports games. GTA I really like to play because online you get to do whatever you want and buy your own stuff you want. Overall GTA is a lot of fun and it is one of my most favorite games that I have played. Some sports games that I like to play such as MLB I like to play because baseball is my favorite sport. Another sports game that I like to play is Madden because I enjoy playing football and it is a really fun game to play. Call of Duty is a fun game that I have played because it is a really action packed game and it is a lot of fun playing against and working with other people to win. NHL is a really good game I liked to play because I am a hockey fan and it is really fun playing the game. Also, NBA is a good game I liked to play because its really fun to play basketball.

Reflection on Shakespeare Experience

At first we read the story and watched clips from the movie. When we finished with the story and movie we took one last huge quiz and than made a performance on a specific act. In this performance the groups were supposed to act out and summarize a scene in each act by saying something from that scene from the character that was  important. It also had to flow what the other people were saying in the scene. I thought my group should of acted it out more and just not of really stood there. Improvements I could of made was that to show more emotion and not act with no emotion at all because in the story the characters should lots of emotion that should of been portrayed throughout the performances. My group compared to other groups was somewhere in the middle because some groups did act it out but did not show emotion. However, some groups should some emotion but didn’t really act out the scene. Overall, their wasn’t one performance that was perfect, all performances were pretty well. In the future for future performances I recommend to show emotion and act out the scene well because in the end it will help out your grade and the groups grade.

First Impressions

My first impression of Sir Toby Belch was to be a drunk and not know what he is doing and be very dumb. Later in the story though it shows that Sir Toby Belch is pretty clever and that my first impression of him was not correct. My expectations for the Group Interpretation of Maleficent were high. I thought the performance exceeded my expectations and that they did extremely well with being creative to create different images off the people. I do make first impressions off of people by the way they act and how they look. I should not be making first impressions off of people because you never know if that person is having a bad day or is just not feeling good. People can often make first impressions of where different people live also. For example, if an African American lived in a very poor part of an area, people first impressions could be that they are in a gang or always up to no good off the way they look and live. People should not make a first impressions off of someone and people cannot make an impression off of someone unless they have actually got to know that person.


The PLAN test was not that difficult but, they did not give us enough time to complete the questions. I completed all the questions on each part of the test, the time allowed to complete them was not enough time though for everyone to finish or come near to finishing. I believe I did a good job on the PLAN test and I will expect a higher score. The PLAN test was not that long but somewhat challenging. Some questions I did have trouble on but I was able to complete with a good guess of that the answer would most likely be. The amount of questions given for the amount of time presented was unreasonable because on average the test wanted you to complete questions under a minute when some questions people can take multiple minutes on. I really hope I did well and I really hope to see a high score. I suggest to prepare well for the PLAN test. The practicing and preparation will help. Take the practice the teacher gives you seriously because it will help.

Advice For Future High School Students




Advice for the future high school students of Joliet West High School, make sure you do your assignments when they are due and do them on time because you will regret in the future when you dig yourself in a hole with a bad grade with assignments that you can’t no longer. Make sure you stay out of trouble, if you get into big trouble it will be on your transcript permanently and colleges will see that. Respect the students and the teachers. Treat them nicely and with respect because when a time you need help and you have not treated them well you might not get the help you need. Make lots of friends and get into many activities. Get involved and get to know people, make the best of your time at high school. Lastly, do your best in every class and every assignment and anything you do, their will come a time you will regret not doing your best and it could hurt your grade really badly.